An innovative investment philosophy.

Our investment philosophy is rooted in sound portfolio construction principles, specifically around having an appreciation for diversification – what it is and what it isn’t.  The industry tends to think in terms of mitigating risk, which we think is the wrong approach.  Instead, we focus on risk management strategies.  We strive to put a system in place – a deliberate approach to implementation – that provides the best chance for success in a manner in which the investor can maintain comfort along the journey.  We therefore standardize the process and set of beliefs, yet also customize the experience for each client given their unique financial personality.


We Believe

Investors don’t always understand why they own certain investments, leading to inefficient portfolios and a poor allocation of capital.

We think it's helpful to consider the functional role(s) of portfolio holdings, such as growth, income, and/or capital preservation.

We Utilize

A multi-perspective approach in forming our views on markets, combining Stifel’s nationally-recognized research with third-party research providers.

Differentiated views help us avoid various bias-traps and widen our perspectives on what could happen.

We Build

Portfolios across a wide range of asset classes and product types, using a rigorous, disciplined, and conviction-based approach to vehicle selection.

We think of the process as pulling multiple levers to work together, and don’t look at any singular investment in isolation.

We Strive

For consistent positive outcomes over time.

To do so requires us to regularly improve our process and decision making, and therefore we spend the necessary time conducting both pre-and-post mortems to locate potential gaps.